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Why Corporate Branding Matters to Your Bottom Line

When we talk about sales and profits, we generally refer to products or services available to the public. However, what often flies under the radar is the value of corporate branding and how it affects your bottom line.

What is Corporate Branding?

Your corporate branding is the story of your company. It incorporates your culture, vision, mission and how you are perceived. The brand name of a corporate entity is more than its products or services but also includes touchpoints which can take the form of its logo, packaging, advertising, product quality and even stationery.

Corporate branding is your company’s overall message; it is what you stand for.

As you can imagine, this message needs to be consistent across all platforms. Your vehicle and office signage, coupled with your website, business cards, and all advertising needs to say the same thing.

Corporate branding speaks primarily to stakeholders and shareholders, and to a slightly lesser degree, your customers. Often in today’s diverse economy, the individual products marketed to the public are perceived separately from the umbrella company which produces them.

Take, for example, Nestle. They say, “Our Corporate Business Principles are at the heart of our company. Available in more than 50 languages, they reflect the basic ideas of fairness, honesty and a concern for individuals and families, communities and the planet.”

Their monochromatic logo and clean, professional website are a world away from, for instance, their ice cream brands which are vibrant and fun and which make use of playful fonts and bright colours.

Corporate Branding Sends Its Own Message

A stable and consistent message promotes feelings of trust and reliability in corporate business, both from the general public as well as from staff.

What does your corporate branding say about your company?

Signkor are masters in signage and branding, and we can assist you in creating and maintaining a clear and consistent message for your unique brand.