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Why Choose PVC Banners For Your Business?

Any business owner who wants to stay in business knows the importance of advertising and marketing. However, savvy business owners are very well aware that advertising doesn’t always mean selling. In fact, it’s well-known that people love to buy, but we don’t like to be sold to. And it’s for this exact reason that PVC banners are perfect for your business.


We have discussed PVC banners in a previous article and we are all well aware of the incredible opportunities that PVC banners afford. They are a simple and effective way of putting your message in front of thousands of people, saying, “Here I am” without irritating potential customers


What PVC Banners Are Available?

PVC banners come in so many variations, and it’s really up to you to determine what you need. Strong and durable materials coupled with UV resistant ink or vinyl lettering means you’re investing in a long-lasting and beautiful product, which can be used over and over.

Your banner options include:

  • Shark fin
  • Backdrop
  • Pop up
  • Telescopic
  • A-framed
  • Flags and Bunting

…to name a few.

Where Can PVC Banners Be Used?

If you spend time at roadshows and sporting events, then you know how vital these brightly coloured and informative displays are. This way to the finish line…and this way to the beer tent.

Not only are banners informative, but they act as a silent salesperson promoting special offers to passers-by as well as ongoing branding opportunities. Branding, as we know, delivers a subconscious message to your audience so that when they are ready to buy, they are likely to choose a familiar company – which is you.

PVC banners have been used to phenomenal effect at major sporting events such as Super Rugby which is televised and watched by millions of supporters. Other events which attract large crowds and press include the Dusi Marathon, The Comrades, and The Cape Argus.

Outdoor musical events are often sponsored and offer a perfect opportunity to market your business to a group of relaxed people – all facing the same way.

Markets or other high-traffic are always firm favourites to place a business banner, and because they are lightweight and easy to erect and disassemble, they are the perfect choice for mobile marketing.

Signkor has been making PVC banners for dozens of industries for years – and we know what we’re doing. Chat with one of our friendly team today and let us help you get your message out there.