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What Makes for Good Visibility at an Expo?

A trade show or expo is an important rite of passage for small businesses and a good event can lead to valuable exposure and healthy sales. Because so many vendors are all vying for the attention of the all-important customers, raising your visibility using unique and clever expo signage is paramount.

Even if your product has nothing in common with your neighbour, you always want to make sure that you direct any potential customers attention towards you. To do this, it’s important not to spend a ton of cash on your booth space and then scrimp on expo signage bearing your logo and advertising your brand.

Expo Signage Tips

Here are our top 10 “Do’s” as to what makes for good visibility at an expo.

Do take advantage of securing a booth at the end of an aisle as many people pause there to get their bearings which gives you a tad more time to grab their attention.

Do make use of compelling and show-stopping expo signage. Printed signage is easy to hang from piping or display on banner stands or pop onto table tops. To make the best impression, your signage should be one part visual art, one part marketing, one part psychology and one part messaging.

Do try to make an instant impression with your expo signage. With so many people walking around, you literally have seconds to get their attention as to who you are and what you’re about.

Do try to display your expo signage in a way as to be as visible as possible from the bathrooms and food court area. When people feel more relaxed and refreshed, they tend to take more time in browsing and looking for something of interest to them.

Do try to draw attention by using digital expo signage that is interesting, such as rotating signs, 3D effects, neon and LED illumination.

Do keep signage visible and legible. Make sure to choose a size that is appropriate for the distance you expect your sign or display to be viewed from. Consider where your signage will be located and what obstacles could obstruct it.

Do avoid cluttering your expo signage by crowding it with too many words or lines of text that makes it hard to read from a distance. White space (or coloured space), the empty space surrounding text and graphics, is just as important as other design considerations. Try to leave about 30% of your sign as ‘white space’.

Do keep typeface and fonts clean and crisp. Use professional fonts to your advantage by giving priority or preference to certain parts of your message. Interestingly, visual tests have proven that upper case and lower-case text is more legible from a distance than all upper-case letters alone. Try not to use more than two different fonts in a single design.

Do consider making use of images and graphics. Adding a border can increase reading speed by up to 25% by causing the eye to focus on the message. Digital photographs can also add greater impact. Logos and artwork can also visually enhance your expo signage design layout.

Do take advantage of different colour combinations. The top 5 most successful colour combinations for lettering tested for readability from a distance were: black on yellow, black on white, yellow on black, white on blue and green on white.

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