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Wayfinding Signage – You’d Be Lost Without It!

Think about the last time you had to navigate your way through a large and busy airport for the first time. Or when you visited a friend in the hospital or checked out the newly-opened shopping mall. When it came to making sure you found the right boarding gate, ward or floor, you no doubt relied heavily on the building’s wayfinding signage to show you the way.

What Is Wayfinding Signage?

As its name implies, wayfinding signage helps you find your way from one point to another. It’s different from most other forms of signage because it’s helpful, rather than promotional.

There are several different types of wayfinding signage, including:

Directional Signs

These are probably the most common kinds of wayfinding signage. They are often characterised by arrows or fingerposts, showing you in which direction you need to go.


Identification Signs

These signs identify where you are in relation to the rest of the building. They’re not directional, but they help you orient yourself so that you know which direction you need to go from there. Think of the “you are here” signs on interior location maps in large shopping malls and office blocks. By showing you where you are, these kinds of wayfinding signs let you work out how to get where you want to go. Identification signs also include Entry and Exit signs, and other signs above commonly searched-for destinations, such as toilets or canteens.

Confirmation Signs

These are those comforting wayfinding signs that let you know you’re heading in the right direction or have actually arrived at the right place. Think of when you’re at an airport and you see a sign saying, “Gate 10 – 5 mins walk.” Then after walking for five minutes, you see another sign saying “Gate 10.” It’s good to know you’re where you’re supposed to be!

Informational Signs

These signs are not so much about helping you get to your destination but more about giving you useful information while you’re getting there. When you’re about to encounter roadworks or lane closures, for example, or if there’s an accident up ahead.

We really would be lost without wayfinding signage – in more ways than one! For these, and any other types of signage you need, chat to Signknor. We really are the signage specialists for interior and exterior signage, in any material, shape or size. Find out more at