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Vinyl decals, graphic murals, and beautiful banners – the perfect solution for retail displays.

We all know that the market is flooded with advertising messages. From flashing neon lights to direct mail campaigns, bill boards to beautiful teardrop banners.

Of course, the retail space is an area that spends a huge amount of time, money, and effort in trying to capture the attention of potential clients. We’ve all seen window displays with printed banners and brightly-coloured vinyl decals decorate malls and shop fronts.

However, the mark of a truly successful display is not about putting as many things as possible in your window. Consider these factors before you plan your next project:


Stories have a way of capturing the heart and mind, and creating a memorable campaign. Think of a problem that your campaign will solve and build a story around that. For example, Valentine’s Day is often a miserable time for single people, and a stressful time for couples. Creating a theme that speaks to this problem and offers hope for the singletons and reprieve for the couples is a great way to start. Tell your story using a mix of vinyl decals and 3D props, using some cleverly positioned merchandise to complete the message.

Think visually

Eye-level is the place to be! When positioning your vinyl decals or other pieces, make sure that your main message is at eye-level. Go out into the street and mark it off if you have to (remembering that eye-level outside your shop will often be different from the inside.) Other elements of your design can sit higher, lower, closer or further back for interest, and should complement your message.

Add a surprise

Be sure to include an unexpected element or a twist on an old favourite – anything that would make your customer look twice. The longer they look at your display, the more of your message they will be absorbing. Partially hidden objects, oversized elements, and surprising messages can all contribute to your retail window display.

We understand that standing out in a cluttered market is hard work, especially in retail. And that’s why we take the time to work with our clients to discover the best signage solutions to fit their needs. Vinyl decals? Banners? Graphic murals? You’re in the right place.

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