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How Vehicle Signage Can Drive Your Brand

With almost 12 million registered vehicles in South Africa, it’s safe to say we spend a fair bit of time on the road. Driving to and from work, fetching and carrying our kids to school, sporting and social events, going to the shops, running errands…we spend hours in our cars each week.

And during those hours – especially those we spend stuck in traffic – we notice lots of other cars whose occupants are doing exactly what we’re doing. We see them, and they see us. So, if you have a company you’d like to make more visible to the general public, what better way to do this than by using vehicle signage?

Think about it. If you rented a billboard on the side of the road, you wouldn’t just leave it blank. You’d cover it with an eye-catching ad for your business. Your car is like a moving billboard. Depending on the size of your city, you can be seen by between 3 000 and 30 000 people every day! And if you have more than one company-branded vehicle – perhaps you even have a whole fleet – this number multiplies exponentially.

Because your branded vehicle goes wherever you go, you’re likely to be seen most often in your local neighbourhood. Over time, you’ll become easily recognisable to people in your community, and they will start feeling a comforting sense of familiarity and trust towards your brand. This is truly valuable, and very hard to achieve with any other kind of advertising.

So, What Is Vehicle Wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping is the method most often used today to put signage on vehicles. It is basically a large vinyl decal or graphic that is placed over the original paintwork of your car. It usually takes about an hour to apply, and can be removed again at any time, leaving your vehicle back in its original condition.

The process has three main stages – design, production and installation. In the design phase, accurate measurements of your vehicle/s will be taken and the digital graphics for the wrap are finalised. Next is production, where the graphic is printed and then laminated. This helps to protect it from fading in the sun, and also guards against a certain amount of wear and tear. The last phase is the most exciting – when the finished wrap is applied to your vehicle.

After the initial cost of creating and applying your vehicle signage, you have an effective, large-scale way to create product and brand awareness – absolutely free! The best part is, vehicle wrapping is cheaper than any other advertising medium. A wrap will also usually last for between four and five years, meaning you get long term, high-viz exposure for your brand at a continually decreasing daily cost.

We’d love to help you make the most of your company’s vehicle/s to help, well, move your business forward. Visit us at to find out more about your vehicle signage options.