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Types of Signage Boards

When trying to decide on which type of signage boards to use, the overwhelming variety of choices can get your head in a spin. Some important elements to consider are size, placement, materials and structure.

Those elements considered, whether your budget for signage is large or small, make sure that you stay true to yourself and stick to a unique style that best represents you and your business, rather than just following the latest trends. Some of the most iconic businesses around the world are known by their signs first and foremost and having people associating your sign to your company as soon as they see it, is what it’s all about.

Here are a few types of signage boards to get you started.

A-Frame Signage

Classic A-frame or sandwich type standalone signage boards are generally inexpensive, customizable and overall effective for short distance advertising. Being movable, they are easily placed where they will be noticed, inside or outside your business premises.

Vinyl and Window Decal Signage

Long lasting and completely customisable to your brand and creativity, vinyl and window decal signage is best placed at eye level. The options for vinyl and window decal signage are endless and the adhesive backing means that they have a semi-permanent nature so that there is some wriggle room for adjustment when placing them during installation.

3D Mould Signage

3-dimensional signage is modern, individual and stands out from the crowd and can be created to very large sizes. Laser cut letters are raised from the surface of the sign and the moulded lettering is constructed to have a specified depth. You can choose from Plaster of Paris, Perspex or fibreglass.

While 3D signage boards are more expensive, they look great during the day and are very impressive at night if you choose to incorporate LED lighting into the letters.

Back-lit Light Box Signage

Back-lit or lightbox signage boards are great for both daytime and nighttime advertising. The light boxes are constructed from aluminium or Perspex and use high-quality translucent vinyl on the lightbox face. All the boxes are sealed and lit from within and are generally hassle-free. While they are a little more costly, the payback is worth it to give potential customers something interesting to look at.

When considering a back-lit sign it is, however, important to consider the location and colours you choose in order for your sign to stand out against other signage boards in the same area.

Banner Type Signage

Banners can be used for indoor and outdoor events. They can be customised with your chosen fonts and graphics and have a wide reach when it comes to enticing potential customers. Due to their size, they can be fairly more cumbersome to put up and remove if that is your intention.

Depending on the banner you choose and where it is placed, they may have the potential to degrade over time. A good option for longer lasting banner signage is the PVC banner which can be front lit, backlit, mesh or block-out.

Neon Signage

Neon is used to illuminate your sign and also to create any words which you wish to highlight and bring attention to. Neon is often used on 3D signage boards and is also a great way to give a ‘halo’ effect to your sign and make it stand out from the competition.

Due to the electronic nature of the sign, they are more costly to buy and do require maintenance to keep them looking in tip-top shape. It is recommended that any breakages are attended to as soon as possible in order that your customers are always assured of your professionalism in all areas of your business.

Here at Signkor, we have many more signage board options to make your signage dreams a reality. Visit our website to view our extensive product range or give us a call so we can help guide and assist you in choosing the best signage boards to build your brand.