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The leader of the signage pack

The leader of the signage pack is undoubtedly who you want to hire when looking for sign companies in South Africa. Your companies image is dictated by what is seen, and we at Signkor know that you want to put only your best foot forward when doing creating this image. We are able to provide a dream team that will be able to take your thoughts, conceptualize your ideas, add a creative spin, tweak it and give you the custom signage of your dreams. We pride ourselves in providing work that is original, creative and target related – providing you with all the elements that you need to be noticed. The advantage of working with a company as innovative as Signkor is that we offer you the largest selection of custom signage, be it on fabricated lettering, light boxes, chromadek, LED and neon illumination or Perspex, aluminum and stainless steel signage, or even the latest trend in signage on cars.

The products that we have on offer are known for their efficiency in drawing the eye and creating a lasting impression. Another added bonus is that we are able to provide you with on the go, non stop, at the ready signage on cars. Considering that cars have become one of the most visible forms of advertising and signage around you will be happy to know that we provide this service, the quality of the custom signage of the signage on cars are of the highest standard, living up to not only the harsh South African sun, but also the ever changing conditions that we are faced with as South Africans.

We also boast a large and comprehensive list of very satisfied customers. We understand the need to be versatile, to change, edit and tweak at the drop of a hat. We also know that as a marketable company you’re looking for a sign company that concentrates on identifying what makes you not only unique, but something that puts you at the forefront of your industry. You want success, to be noticed and above all to be held in the best esteem, and there is no better way to do that than to join Signkor. Because of the excellent service we offer, we are at the forefront of our company, the industry pack leader of Sign companies in South Africa. Some of our major corporate partners include:

·  Supermarkets

·  Major banks

·  Furniture groups

·  Pharmaceutical companies

·  Property developers

·  Holiday resorts

·  Privately owned companies

As you can see, we provide a fully comprehensive service, from conceptualization and design to construction and installation – an “all you need” solution provided by one of the most reliable sign companies in South Africa. Our options are varied and custom made to suit your requirements, and with our team of dedicated staff no task is to big, in fact we challenge you to try us, push our boundaries.

If you wold like your brand to be the hottest thing on the block. Advertise. Get quality custom signage. Come to Signkor.

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