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Advertising is everything. See and be seen. The best way to do this is to have some catchy custom signage with your brand on it. People are visual creatures and the best way for them to remember anything is for them to actually see what it looks like. Advertising has gone to the streets, literally, a pop up roadside banners become the new it item. It’s hard to ignore a sign when you are staring at it for twenty minutes in traffic every morning. The next time you need that type of product, chances are you will think of the sign that you saw and go straight to the company. Here at Signkor, we want to provide that type of response for your company by designing you some amazing custom signage.

We have discovered that if you have truly standout signage, you will never be short of people who notice you and what you are doing. People tend to talk about catchy and original things that they see, so using custom signage is a great way to get your word of mouth advertising done for you.

At Signkor, we have a great team of creative designers and talented individuals, who will be able to sit with you and turn your vision into a reality. A lot of people get disappointed by designers who do not listen or complete the project exactly as they would want it to be done. We do not have this type of problem, each of our designer and sign printers are intuitive and know when to  give input, and when to simply be guided by the vision of the client. Our service is to work with you and not against you, in your quest for the perfect sign.

Not only do we make custom signage in board form, we also make sign for cars. Mobile advertising is one of the biggest areas in advertising. Gone are the days when companies’ could afford to have static advertising. These days, unless you are purposely looking at something or you are in traffic reading a poster on a street lamp, chances are that you will ignore the static adverts as there are too many other distractions to pay attention to. Therefore, we supply excellent signage on cars for you and your brand. People are most likely to look at the cars next to and around them in the parking lot. Should your ad catches their eye, and it definitely will, you could have a lot more potential customers. Because cars are mobile, you can have your advertising in any part of town at any given time and more importantly, not have to waste money on paying for advertising space.

If this was not already enough, we at Signkor have got an impressive range of clients as well, who we have designed custom signage for. We have clients such as The Standard Bank of South Africa, Makro South Africa, Columbus Steel, Optimum Colliery, Kodak South Africa, O‘Hagans, Zanaco Bank, Eco Bank, Indo Zambia Bank, Finance Bank Zambia and the Radisson Blu Gaugtrain Hotel to name but a few.

If you wold like your brand to be the hottest thing on the block. Advertise. Get quality custom signage. Come to Signkor.

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