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The 4 Pillars of Great Retail Signage

Attention spans are short. Competition is fierce. Knowledge of these two facts is important to any business, but especially so for retail. Ask yourself, is my retail signage doing its job? Am I getting the very best results from my notices in-store? Is there anything I can do to improve on them?

We’d like to offer a few simple but thought-provoking ideas which may encourage you to look at your retail signage with fresh eyes.

Retail Signage Best Practice

Simple is best

A short heading, arrows or icons can convey so much in just a second. This is key for a busy mom with two small children who really needs to find the baking soda and get home in the shortest possible time.

What if you have an important message to put across? A headline with some sub-text would be a better idea, but again, short and sweet. Drop the prepositions if you must.

Remember your audience

Are your signs easy to read for, say, elderly people on pensioners day? Do you see people squinting up at small signs with small writing or wandering aimlessly around the store? Placement and size are both key elements in communicating effectively with your customers.


Readability is not only about the words that you use, but also includes the font and colouring. We all know that a yellow font on a white background is almost unreadable, therefore aim for contrasting colours. Woolworths’ use of white and black is an excellent example of clear, easy-to-read retail signage.

This aspect also extends to the font you choose. Swirly calligraphic fonts may be beautiful, but they are not easy to read at a glance.

What next?

One element of signage and advertising, in general, is often overlooked – that of the call to action. Tell customers what to do next, and if you can, tell them why.

For example, instead of a sign saying “Flowers ®” perhaps a better version would be “Surprise Her With Flowers” with sub-text of “Make her smile, grab a bunch now!”

We know that staying on top of retail signage trends can be a full-time job, but whatever your product or industry, these four foundation rules will always apply. For all your signage needs chat with the professionals – call Signkor now.