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Signkor in South Africa for custom signage

Custom signage is what we do best and this we believe is the reason for our phenomenal growth and success.

Regardless of your specifications when you need custom signage Signkor are able to deliver every time, this why we are considered a cut above, with our demand for perfection and attention to detail, you know that when we deliver your custom signage you will be paying for what you requested.

With our techniques perfected in every detail not only is our custom signage excellent you will also find that our signage on cars is appealing and will always be to your specifications, no detail overlooked.

When you need to get your name out in the market place, your name has to be noticed and remembered, this you will do with custom signage by SignkorNot only will it be noticed it will also be remembered.  How often do you see something advertised, remember the ad but for whatever reason simply cannot remember what was being advertised.  This will never happen when you have custom signage, our advertising approach could be “It’s the singer, not the song”.  They need to remember from whence the message came.

For simply one of the best sign companies in Johannesburg, Signkorwe’ll undertake all your custom signage, signage on cars, what ever signage you have need of, with our inclination always to see you our customer pleased with the results, we go out of our way to present your job perfect in every respect.

There are many companies out there, all wanting a piece of the pie, but the pie can go only so far, so to ensure you are one of the companies getting a piece of pie – custom signage is a guaranteed way to advertise your company or perhaps even a cause.  Signkor understand the subtle nuances of getting the right attention and with us responsible for all your signage you really can’t go wrong.

To our credit we can attest to having been responsible for signage commissioned for large concerns such as The Standard Bank of South Africa, Makro South Africa, Columbus Steel, Optimum Colliery, Kodak South Africa, O‘Hagans, Zanaco Bank, Eco Bank, Indo Zambia Bank, Finance Bank Zambia and the Radisson Blu Gaugtrain Hotel to name but a few.

This alone should indicate with these fine companies having employed our services that we possess remarkable capabilities and talent.  For what ever signage you need to advertise your good name, Signkor – we are the only people that you should ever consider.  Our customers always express appreciation for our fine craftsmanship when we are responsible for custom signage in Johannesburg.  You will find that a good portion of these customers are among the most highly regarded corporations in South Africa and this clearly indicates our professional capabilities in providing such fine corporations  and you with superb custom signage.

Because we are one of the most highly regarded sign companies in Gauteng why would you waste your time and money and go elsewhere?  You will get the best at Signkor with our custom signage putting us ahead as one of leading signage companies in South Africa.

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