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Signage: What businesses can learn from politics.

With the world’s political stage in varying degrees of uproar with the “big announcement” on the US presidency, we feel it’s a good time to take a closer look at politics. Specifically, their use of signage in their political campaigns.

No matter where we live – whether in the city centre or tucked away in quiet suburbia – we all know when election time has come. Street signs with grinning candidates, quite literally, line our streets, with slogans and promises in bright colours and bold fonts.

Does this type of signage actually work?

A study from has this to say: “In our study, the question was asked, “Have you ever first learned of a local political candidate from a sign?” Out of the 1,500+ responses received over 40% of people said that they had first learned of a local candidate through a sign. Without signage to influence those people, 2 out of 5 people may have voted in a different manner simply because there was no name recognition for candidate x.”
40% is a big number.

Signage does work.

But, how can a brightly coloured sign with a few well-chosen words have such an impact? This is due in part to what is commonly known as “effective frequency”. Effective frequency is very simply the number of times a person must see a message before he responds – but not too many times to be considered wasteful advertising.

It’s like saying the same thing to the same person over, and over again. Signs are short and punchy with a simple and clear message. They are placed in traffic areas where they are likely to be seen by the same people on a daily basis. Eventually, the actual message itself is less important than the immediate recognition of your company brand, which has embedded itself into a person’s mind.

When this happens, your clients begin to vote with their feet, and are more likely to visit your business or buy your product.

Indeed, effective signage is a craft and needs to be handled by professionals to gain maximum impact. We at Signkor know signage, and we’d love to help you with yours. Give us a call on 011 434 2140, or visit us at