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Sign Companies Specialising in Stainless Steel Signs

Why spend money on new signage if it is not going to stand the test of time? Welcome to Signkor! We are one of the sign companies in South Africa specializing in the design and manufacture of durable stainless steel signs. Now you can say what you want to say, and rest assured that your signs will keep relaying that message for many years to come!

Here at Signkor we make use of stainless steel for the ultimate up market and corporate look in hotels, corporate banking facilities and up market shopping malls. We have manufactured stainless steel signs for an array of clients and continue to manufacture some of the best available in the industry today. Our dedication to perfecting the art of the stainless steel sign has made us one of the best loved sign companies in South Africa. We expertly design and make these signs which are etched into the stainless steel. This makes the sign a superior quality and provides the client with the ultimate in durability, stability and cost effectiveness.

Along with stainless steel signage, we are one of the sign companies in South Africa that specialize in signage on cars. We will put your company logo, name and number on the side of your vehicle, allowing you to advertise your company no matter where you go! All of that time spent sitting in traffic will no longer be wasted – you will be increasing your chances of attracting new clients at every traffic light! It is a wonderful way in which to get your business noticed all around town.

Signkor recently had an article in the popular Gaming For Africa Magazine, covering our work with Simplicit-E, highlighting the custom signage that we did for Simplicit-E’s new Duma campaign. Take a look:

We have recently partnered with Simplicit-e on the Duma rollout

for Sun International covering 12 casinos.

Signkor is a company that’s earned itself a reputation for

producing excellent quality signage coupled with great customer

service. No doubt, keeping with the latest technological

developments in the signage industry, coupled with the

commitment to quality has contributed to ensuring that Signkor

is producing some of the best signage around. “At Signkor, we

salute ongoing technology in our field and encourage creativity

in line with growing trends”. The success of the company is

attributed to team work, in providing customer care with no

compromise on service.

Innovative in supplying Full Led Displays, Graphic Walls and

conversions of existing signs to LED’s.

Exporting to Africa is not new to ourselves. Being SADC

registered results in you acquiring the advantage.

We have a passion for helping YOU to get YOUR business noticed. We will provide you with the signage that you need in order to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. So, please be sure to contact us the next time that you are looking for quality sign companies in South Africa. The Signkor team will never let you down!

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