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Value for Money Marketing – What are PVC Banners?

Paper and cloth banners have been used to get messages across for hundreds of years but paper is easily ripped, cloth is notoriously hard to print on with clarity and both tend to disintegrate fairly quickly in wet weather.

To make banners longer lasting, people needed a material that was both solid and flexible, could be easily hung and had a much longer life expectancy.

Introducing…… Polyvinyl Chloride

What are PVC Banners?

Polyvinyl Chloride is a heavyweight vinyl technically known as PVC. This type of plastic can be applied across a material delivering a glossy and professional finish as it also reinforces the material underneath.

Since the most common place to hang banners is outdoors, a PVC banner is a flexible sign face made to be less prone to tears and protects your design against the effects of rain and frost. PVC banners are also inflammable and have a long life-span. Whatever the climate, a PVC banner always looks great.

Also used for indoor digital printing applications, PVC banners come in Gloss or Matt type finishes with a White substrate for wide format digital printing.

Why choose a PVC Banner?

While PVC banners may not strike you as the most exciting form of marketing it is due to their unique advantages that still makes them one of the most desirable and widely used forms of advertising methods around.

PVC banners can be custom made for virtually any size banner with the vinyl surface coating optimising ink adhesion and colour reproduction, which makes for lasting brilliance.

The PVC banner range generally includes front lit, backlit, mesh and block-out PVC.

PVC mesh banners have tiny holes in the material which helps to minimise wind resistance as it allows the air to pass through the material. These type of banners can confidently be erected in higher wind areas such as on bridges.

The Pocket and Bar system is a method used for larger banners whereby the edges of the banner have a welded pocket with a steel rod on the inside. The banner is then stretched flat using steel hooks on a frame.

A Screw Method is used for short term PVC signs whereby the banner is stretched over a steel frame and is secured in place using self-tapping screws.

The biggest advantage of a PVC banner is that you get exceptional benefits at a price that even the smallest of businesses can afford because let’s not forget, this form of high impact advertising is made to last for years on end.

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