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Signkor has a large range of custom signage solutions. From design, to fabrication, installation, & maintenance, Signkor has the right quality solution at the right price.

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Signkor provides maintenance contracts for corporate companies and franchises countrywide. We upkeep and maintain all types of standard and custom signage. Contact us and we’ll provide you with a suitable plan.


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Clients seeking custom signage that is extruded from a surface or that needs to have depth to it, we can tailor make a solution for them. This includes applications such as laser cut letters that are raised a distance from a surface to give a 3-dimensional look, and moulded lettering which is constructed to have a specified depth. Options can be either Plaster of Paris or perspex or fibre glass. These signs can be created to very large sizes. Examples include Standard Bank, Makro, and Gold Reef City.


Signkor Alluminium Signs Heading


Signkor uses aluminium in most signs we manufacture. Aluminium has a longer life span than mild steel and is easy to use in all types of manufacturing. Aluminium is used for normal flat signs but also for bending and rolling purposes. Aluminium is also used to fabricate letters and light boxes.

Signkor PVC Banners Heading


What are PVC Banners? PVC Banner is a flexible sign face material for outdoor and indoor digital printing applications. Our range includes front lit, backlit, mesh and block out PVC substrates.The special surface coating optimizes ink adhesion and color reproduction for long lasting brilliant prints.Features of PVC Banners: Glossy and Matt type available, white substrate for wide format digital printing. It is inflammable and weather resistant (UV, Rain and Frost), Seamless.PVC Banners Applications:

  • Billboard (Front lit)
  • Displays (Indoor and Outdoor)

Banner Murals Building murals and store displays, exhibition booths, decoration. PVC banners can be made for virtually any custom size. They have a great lifespan for indoor and outdoor use. Here are some different ways of using a PVC banner. Pocket and Bar System: This method is used for larger banners. The edges of the PVC banner have a “welded” pocket with a steel rod on the inside. Using steel hooks on a frame, the banner is stretched for a flat look.   Eyelets: Using heavy duty “eyelets” on the edge of the PVC banner we can stretch the banner on a steel frame or rope to hang the banner on just about any surface.   Screw Method: This method is used for short term PVC signs. The PVC banner is stretched over a steel frame and using self tapping screws it is secured in place.


Signkor makes Chromadek Signs


Signkor also bends chomadek signs with or without a structure frame. Signkor also bends chromadeck to have its own support system. Therefore no frame will be needed. Chromadeck is a steel plate 0,6mm thick and comes in a standard size of 1225mm x 2450mm. An economic plate to use for signage. The life span on a plate is about 8 years depending on weather conditions. For custom signs bigger than standard size,x 4 PVC can be used and is a lighter option.


Signkor Light Boxes Heading

Signkor manufactures light boxes from aluminium to Perspex, all to the requirements of the project. For aluminium light boxes, Signkor uses a May West profile, or our own custom design light box profiles. Signkor uses the highest quality translucent vinyl for your light box face.

Digital prints are used on the full colour logos and a UV coating is optional for an extended life span on face.

These boxes are all sealed and lit from within, and can have vinyl cutouts or colour printed decals applied. This is a great way of having an illuminated sign with no hassles involved.


Signkor Neon Signs Heading


Signkor is a manufacturer of neon signs. Neon can be used to illuminate your sign.Neon is also used to write out the words or to highlight certain parts of a sign. It’s often used on 3 dimensional signs. An example can be seen in our gallery. Neon is also used for rounding off buildings and a ‘’halo’’ effect on signs. This creates a strong light in different colour to match your pantones and colour of your business logos.


Signkor Perspex Fabrications Header


Signkor is one of the leading companies in manufacturing perspex fabrication. This is where you cut the faces out, and it gets a return to the back for a 3D effect on the sign as seen in our gallery. Letters can be made in different sizes and shapes. Each letter is cut by a laser cutter or router where it gets welded together to complete a box letter. This is often used with neon and LED illumination. Suitable for Inside and outside applications. There are two types of fabricated Perspex lettering.


Signkor Stainless Steel Header


Signkor uses stainless steel for the ultimate up market and corporate look in hotels, corporate banking facilities and up market shopping malls. Signkor manufactures these signs which are etched into the stainless steel. This makes the sign a superior quality.



VINYL: All types of colours and a wide variety of colours and features are on offer. Digital printing on vinyl forms part of our range. We are continually designing and using this medium to enhance the customer’s brand. WINDOW DECALS:All types of colours and a wide variety of colours and features are on offer. We use a large amount of sandblast vinyl to create privacy as well as tinted vinyl for sun protectors. As a company policy we use 7 year European spec quality vinyl as our preferred choice.



Moving advertising by branding company vehicles using both digital print and coloured vinyl applied to your fleet and or private vehicle. Utilising this space for moving advertising and as seen in Europe the company car should form part of this process.



We supply a Full range of LED Components and Power supplies for Indoor and Outdoor use and quality to tie in with our clients budget. We have recently introduced to the South African Market an Internal LED Wall which can also be flexed around corners with a 75 000 hour life span. Used for HI Tech Full Colour Branding. The displays are constructed from tiles of 320mm x 160mm patched together to make your display the size you want it.



 Printed Murals on Wall paper or Canvas used in Foyers and Walk ways . Mainly used in Hotels, Casinos and Public space.



We offer a Turnkey Accommodation built to the customer’s requirements. To date our experience has been mainly banks ranging from 50 m2 to 350m2 . This is done in association with SPC & Association who provide the Professional service.



Secure steel structures to house customers ATM Machines supplied and installed in Shopping centre, car parks, garage forecourts or even in remote spaces where ATM banking is needed. We have also manufactured units to house Sensitive telecommunication units at bases of masts or satellite dish installations.