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Paying Attention to Your Fleet Vehicle Colours

We’ve been taught for years now that certain colours mean certain things. For example, purple denotes royalty and luxury, whereas green takes one on a journey of health and serenity. When it comes to vehicle colours, do we need to adhere to these “norms” and ensure that our logo is the right colour and the background is a complimentary shade? Well, for the most part, yes.

Vehicle branding is big business, there’s no doubt about that. But more and more businesses are moving away from the accepted norms in the use of their traditional logo colour and just using tones that speak to their audience.

Vehicle Colours that Work for Your Business

It wasn’t too long ago that the use of the colour green on fleet vehicles was a no-no. Resale value was affected and it was simply not done.

Is that still the case? Well, the colour green has come to denote eco-friendly, sustainability and global stewardship – all very positive emotional triggers. It’s no surprise then that green has been used as a vehicle colour of choice as a background for companies which are involved in recycling and environmentally friendly businesses.

Blue has always been tagged as a tranquil colour instilling trust and reliability. This makes it the perfect choice for business vehicles where the company wants to promote feelings of confidence and calm.

There are always the firm favourites though, which are going nowhere in a hurry.

Black coloured vehicles with gold or silver writing are all about professionalism and sophistication, while white vehicles are fresh and clean and can readily accept any branding you choose, in any colour.

A yellow car exudes excitement, fun and youth with the added bonus of being able to carry most logo colours and an array of imagery.

Whatever your choice of colour or imagery, why not spend some time chatting with the professionals at Signkor who really know the ins and outs of vehicle branding. Call us today.