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Murals – Blurring the Line Between Art and Branding

Are wall murals considered art or signage?

Many businesses which are vigorously leading the way into the 21st century have opted to use eye-catching, impactful and arresting murals to adorn their office walls. The blurred lines between art and traditional corporate signage have resulted in some pretty impressive displays for those of us sitting in the reception area in Pinetown and staring out over a New York cityscape.

With the technical advances in large scale printing, beautifying an entire wall is no longer the domain of our local artist who may take weeks and cost thousands.

Where can murals be used?

When you consider the statement that a well-designed mural can make, you realise the scope of these beautiful wall coverings.

A corporate boardroom or reception area would benefit from striking branded images which tell the company story to visitors in no uncertain terms. Bland grey office walls can be enlivened by inspiring images which can, and do, positively impact the mood of employees and visitors alike.

A local coffee shop is instantly transformed from a dark little corner in a shopping mall, to a special meeting place in a quaint French village.

Restaurants, bars and other meeting places can similarly create a mood-altering message by setting a scene where customers can lose themselves for a little while.

Clever use of images and dimensions can trick the eye, taking the focus away from the small and uninteresting room that you’re in, and leading it down a little street in Italy.

Add meaning to your murals

A mural in a public space such as a hospital or a community area allows you to communicate your message to the locals without saying a word. Making a statement is easy when you include familiar images that residents will know and understand, and it’s a great conversation piece.

It’s a simple fact that people love looking at beautiful things – and what better way to get a message across to your customers or community in a gentle and effective way than using large, well-designed pieces of art?

Would you like to know more about murals, and what would look best in your building? Besides banners, neon signage, lightboxes and decals, we create statement pieces for our customers in the form of murals. Contact us today and find out more.