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Making the most of your outdoor advertising with striking signage

A correctly placed billboard or large scale sign is a brilliant way for businesses to get their names out there. Signs next to highways or in high-traffic areas can attract tens of thousands of eyes per hour as cars whizz past – which is an excellent exposure in anyone’s book.

However, how do you know that you are getting the right message across in the (extremely) short time that you have to grab the reader’s attention? We see hundreds of billboards every week, but how many of them to we actually remember?

Outdoor advertising is a highly competitive market. Companies are pulling out all the stops to make sure that their ad is read and remembered.

You need to make your outdoor advertising count.

Consider the following factors which make up a successful outdoor advertising sign:


People are affected psychologically by colours – it’s no secret. Bright yellow is an attention grabber. Blue says business, confidence, trust. Green equals health. Purple denotes mystery, royalty, and wisdom. Decide how you want your business to be identified and look for the correct tone that speaks for you. (Read more about the psychology of colour here.)


Black on white or white on black are the most striking options. If your sign has to communicate a message in a matter of seconds, then your words need to be in a contrasting colour to your main background colour, clear, and easy to read


Advertising expert Paul Suggett, says that you have around six seconds or less to get your message across. That’s not a lot of time. He suggests six words – or less if you can manage it. In this case, less is more. These words need to be concise and easy to read for maximum impact.

Your message

Too many businesses don’t realise that a billboard or large sign on a busy road is a secondary advertising medium. This means that it is great for branding, company awareness, or support of a campaign – but you won’t get a direct response from it. Therefore, putting telephone numbers or website urls is a waste of your time and money. Unless, of course, your website IS your message.

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