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The Importance of Branding In Your Signage

We all know the importance of branding, don’t we? Yes, it’s an easily identifiable colour, font or image that represents your business. It differentiates you from your competitors and – when done right – helps to foster trust within your customers.

Branding takes your business from a little shop in a mall and creates a personality that your audience can relate to, and who they want to remain loyal to. (Case in point: Nandos.) Bearing that in mind, it’s easy to see how important it is that your signage reflect your brand.

Your company signs stand as silent beacons to your customers – current and future. So what image do yours portray?

What does your brand say about you?

If your brand is your business personality, then what does it say? Are you going for sleek and upmarket, such as a Woolworths brand? Maybe you are aiming at vibey, young and fun, such as Coca-Cola? Or perhaps you want modern, technical and aspirational – like Apple?

Whether you are a start-up business or have a long-standing commercial history, your products and service will morph into your brand logo – the two will become an entity.

Brand Consistency in Signage

If your outdoor signs and banners are calling your audience into your store, then it is reasonable to expect that your brand delivers the same, consistent message once they arrive. A strong brand identity delivers a coherent and dependable message, no matter the medium.

In order to do this, you will need to pay close attention to the details. Your branding document should be available to your entire marketing team with detailed notes on font, colours, image choice etc. Everything, from the large overhead in-store signs to the tags on the products will say the same thing, in the same way.

If your business is considering signage then we would love to help you to get your message across. Call our highly skilled team on 011 434 2140 today. We look forward to making you stand out.