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Gorgeous Graphic Murals Generate Great Office Vibes

So maybe your office doesn’t have views like Harvey Spectra or Jessica Pearson of Suits – not a problem. Digital technology has brought office wallpapering out of the dark ages into the blazing lights of the 21st Century. Graphic murals can be created from almost any photograph to transform bleak office walls into magical movie screen scenes. Generating Beach Boys ‘good vibrations’ on a visual level will work well for employers and employees every day in surprising ways.

Graphic Murals – Just Décor?

Neuroscience, social science and behavioural science have opened our eyes to the subliminal influence of design in the workspace on the workforce. Research has confirmed that a visual connection with the great outdoors has an enormous cognitive impact. Take it from the experts. Scott Wyatt, a managing partner at NBBJ, a global architectural firm that has designed headquarters for a number of tech companies including Amazon, Google and Samsung, comments: “Our human responses to nature, be it a plant, fresh air or a view of the sky are shown to have enormous influence over our stress level, as well as our performance.”

Just as music soothes frayed nerves, so beautiful scenery calms and inspires. We never grow tired of beautiful things. Large bodies of water are the most popular as almost everyone loves the scene of a paradisiac island in the midst of a sapphire blue sea. Underwater scenes seem to fascinate people endlessly as do impressive skies, majestic mountains, waterfalls, creeks and even wide desert spaces.

That’s not say there isn’t time and place for patterns or brick effects. A good graphic design company can bring you up to speed on the latest trends and findings. Windows with unsightly views and boring stairwells can likewise be transformed by graphic murals.

A wall may even be entirely dedicated to inspiring quotes. Nothing like getting everyone suitably motivated! This works exceptionally well in restrooms and stairwells. Cramped spaces and passages are perfect for creating illusions of space and light using graphic murals.

The graphics are laminated, a dream to clean and extremely hard-wearing. But it doesn’t mean the wall is then useless for anything else. Sometimes designs and scenes cleverly incorporate a cupboard, file drawers or shelving. The possibilities are endless and the graphic murals just right for you are within your reach, why wait?