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Make a scene and grab attention with eye-catching window decals

Many businesses use storefront windows as a prime opportunity to entice potential customers into their store, as well as sometimes using signs to dissuade streams of never-ending salesmen – “No soliciting” – and also making claims that protect them against public liability – “Parking at your own Risk”.

When choosing a sign that will be affixed to a window or glass surface, knowing the difference between a window sticker, window decals, and static clings, is a good place to start.

Getting to grips with the Terminology

Window Stickers – This is a one-time use material and cannot be repositioned. In the world of signage, asking for a ‘window sticker’ may elicit a ‘look’ from the salesperson, before you are redirected and introduced to the wonderful world of window decals.

Window Decals – These too have a form of adhesive backing but have a temporary semi-permanent nature, which means that during installation, there is some wiggle room for adjustment until the adhesive kicks in. Window decals can be positioned on the outside, the inside, or even from the inside facing out of your storefront window. A major advantage of window decals is that the adhesive material makes them stronger and longer lasting, thus making them a more sensible option in the long-term, especially if the signage will be exposed to the elements.

Static Clings – These have no adhesive side and attach to any glass surface through the static charge of the sign itself and the glass surface or window. They can be easily repositioned, removed or reapplied depending on the situation. Removal is quick and clean, leaving no trace of their existence. Static clings are thus especially useful for advertising pop-up specials and where signage is to be used on a temporary basis.

Window Decals Decisions

Just when you thought you were sorted having chosen window decals as your favourite option, here’s a bit more to ponder on.

Clear Window Decals – These are a good choice for storefronts, as everywhere that your design is not printed will be see-through or clear, allowing for two-way visibility depending on how much of the decal your printed design covers.

Opaque Window Decals – The areas where your printed design has no coverage, the decal will present as an opaque white, similar to frosted glass. These decals will thus obscure visibility, but not block it out completely.

Perforated Window Decals – These decals provide one-way visibility, almost like one-way mirrors. Your decal will present as a solid print on your storefront, by behind the scenes, you will be able to see out of your store window and keep an eye on the outside. These type of decals are great for privacy, especially if your store is in a high crime area, for example. Due to the perforation process, you can expect to pay more for this gem of a window decal but your business is worth it.

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