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Don’t Say No to Neon Signage

When we say neon, it’s very likely that you think of a buzzing half-lit sign in a dark alley spelling out the word “Motel”.

Neon may have something of a dark underbelly, but it hasn’t always been that way.

In fact, the first neon sign was purported to be used way back in 1910 by Georges Claude at the Paris Motor Show – a noble beginning in indeed. America loves a bit of bling, and they welcomed neon with open arms from about 1920 to 1960, making extensive use of these luminous gas tubes. Even today we can’t think of Times Square without a nod to neon signs.

Today, neon has enjoyed a little refinement and is now used extensively by artists and architects, as well as the signage industry.

Why choose neon signage?
One of the key benefits of neon is in its versatility.

When tastefully done, a neon sign can artfully highlight words and symbols, making them stand out in a world of decals and flat signs. The 3D effect, with its array of colours and shapes can be used to great effect to display your company name or logo.

Neon has also been used to frame or illuminate your sign in complementary colours – drawing our eyes and our interest.

Many companies use neon to round off buildings, carefully tracing beautiful architectural details and showing them off to the public.

Neon also offers a halo effect when set behind 3D signs. A simple grouping of words comes alive when lit from behind with a neon tube, allowing the words and letters to stand in contrast to the beautiful light behind.

Indeed, neon signage is limited only by our imaginations.

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