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How Colours Influence Consumer Behaviour

There’s no denying that colours make everything look better. Think about watching an old, black and white movie compared to one in colour. You automatically have a deeper, rounder appreciation for the characters, the setting and the storyline when you watch something in colour.

It’s the same when it comes to advertising. Fifty shades of grey really doesn’t cut it in the marketing world!

In a study titled “Impact of color on marketing,” researchers found that, depending on the product, up to 90% of impulse buys are made based on colour alone, while 85% said colour was the main reason why they bought a product.

Experts who’ve studied the effect of colour on human psychology found a strong link between colours and feelings. Different colours can evoke different emotions and elicit different behaviours. Colour addresses one of our basic neurological needs for stimulation, triggering very specific responses in our brains and throughout our entire bodies.

One of the key secrets to successful advertising is to use colour to effectively leverage these responses to influence the way consumers feel and respond when exposed to your brand.

How To Use Colours To Promote Your Brand

When designing a banner, vehicle wrap, general signage or any other promotional medium for your brand, it’s important to understand what your chosen colours mean in the culture that is predominant in the area in which you’ll be promoting your brand.

In European and American cultures, for example, white is a colour commonly associated with cleanliness and purity, but in Chinese culture, it symbolises death. In the Netherlands, orange is the colour of royalty, but in England and the US, it’s purple.

The way our eyes process colours can also have a significant impact on how we perceive a brand’s advertising efforts. Black and white colour schemes hold our attention for less than half the time of brighter ones. Yellow is the colour that our eyes identify first, but it can cause fatigue, causing us to look away if it’s overused.

Choose colours that harmonises with the message of your brand. In Western culture, red can trigger perceptions of danger, so it’s perhaps not the best colour to use to advertise medical products. It also suggests financial trouble (think, “being in the red”), making it an inappropriate choice for accounting firms or insurance companies.

At Signkor, we know all about how best to use colour to produce effective, eye-catching and memorable signage for a wide variety of clients across a broad spectrum of industries. If you’re looking for PVC banners, vehicle branding, lightboxes, aluminium or stainless steel signs, 3D moulds or virtually any other kind of signage or outdoor advertising, chat to us today.