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Car stickers and decals: A different advertising approach

The best way to make a business succeed is through advertising and marketing, only problem with that is if you are a small business your budget does not allow for large expenses. Try a different approach to advertising that is affordable and unique by having your business advertised on your vehicle with car stickers and decals. Not only will your car stand out, but you will be getting your message across.

Marketing is extremely important in business. You cannot expect to get your name out there or promote your business without utilizing different techniques. Your branding needs to be eye catching while representing your business in the correct manner. You need advertising that will move with you. Car stickers and decals will help you to do this. Imagine being able to have your branding constantly moving around you? Knowing that wherever you go, your branding is going to be noticed. This is possible by using car stickers and decals to your advantage.

When it comes to branding your car, simple is often better. You need to make sure that the essential message of what your business is about is on the car without too much “fluff”, after all you don’t want your entire car to be a roving billboard full of car stickers and decals. If there is too much going on the message you are trying to get across can get lost. The basic information that needs to be on your vehicle is the name of your business, at least one contact detail and your logo. It is as simple as that. Car branding could be the answer you have been looking for to increase your business sales.

A lot of bigger companies have gone with car stickers and decals on their company vehicles as they are moving advertisements for what they do and it is a less expensive form of advertising. The biggest advantage of advertising with car stickers and decals is that your advertising will always be visible. Traffic is always a nightmare during peak times and while vehicles are barely moving, the eyes tend to look at the vehicles around you. To fend off the traffic boredom, your eyes automatically roam to find something visually stimulating and a branded vehicle will definitely attract attention.

A different advertising approach that can boost sales

In order to sell any product, your business needs to have a unique marketing strategy. Your business might need to have a complete overhaul in order to give it a fresh look. With car stickers and decals, your business will be seen daily and the cost for this type of marketing is minimalistic! Another option which is becoming more and more popular is LED signage. Let your business stand out!

Let Signkor help you get your business out there by designing and supplying you with car stickers and decals. From decals to LED signage, Signkor will advise you on the best way to get your business advertised in an innovative way. To find out more about what Signkor offers, visit