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Business signage that conveys a clear marketing message to consumers

Making your business a success can be simple through the marketing medium of signage. If you have a limited budget for marketing, signage is the best way to go as it will offer you maximum exposure at a relatively inexpensive price. One of the key aspects to marketing is making sure that you reach the right target audience.

Below are some suggestions on how to reach the correct target audience.

What message are you trying to convey?

Decide on a message that is clear and simple. Focus on key words. Choose one or two words which describe your business. Clever or strange names may only attract certain customers. Be Brief. The cleaner and clearer the message, the more impact it has. Listing or names or unclear symbols confuse rather than communicate.

What image are you trying to portray?

Design of your sign is very important. Your sign tells people a lot about your business. Stark simple design and materials may suggest discount prices and no frills. Elegant and expensive sign materials may suggest luxury goods and services. Two basic design considerations are important when ordering a sign.

Physical elements of sign design. 

These include considerations such as size, placement, materials and structure. The size of the sign is an important consideration for your business. The biggest sign that you can afford may not necessarily be the best one for your needs. A sign which is either too big or too small will not communicate your message effectively. The number of signs is also important. Too many signs compete with one another and reduce the effectiveness of your message by presenting an image of confusion to potential customers. The materials used for your sign determine its appearance and performance. For example, differences in cost, appearance, colour, durability, flexibility and reaction to extreme weather conditions can be found in the many types of plastics available. The structure of a sign also contributes to its effectiveness. Pole covers and cantilevered construction help portray an attractive message. Figures 1 and 2 illustrate how physical elements of sign design affect business image.

Graphic elements of sign design.

Graphic elements of design include layout of the message, colours, lettering, shape symbolism, harmony, and daytime versus night time lighting conditions.

Legibility is a test of good design.

If your sign is well designed, it will be easy to read. Legibility means that the letters or characters on the sign are distinct from one another. Some colour combinations of background and letters give excellent legibility while others are very poor. To test your sign’s legibility, drive past your business and see if you can read it from a distance. Look at it both day and night. Some signs are difficult to read because of illumination problems such as glare from street lights, signs on nearby business establishments, or shadows caused by buildings. A well-designed sign blends with the environment, has a message impact and overcomes viewing problems.

Signs communicate in a shared environment.

A sign’s ability to send its message beyond its locations requires that you be sensitive to the effects of your message on others. Since you share your space with others, consider their rights and sensibilities too. They are potential customers.

Consider others before ordering and putting up your signage ….

Consider city or town planning goals and regulations when ordering a sign. Some types of signs are not permitted. Determine what the regulations are in your community before you discuss design with a sign designer. Most sign companies are well aware of the regulation in any given community and can guide you in selecting a sign which is not in violation of the law.

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