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Is your brand identity a telling a consistent story often enough?

Have you ever found yourself singing along to a random jingle about pizza that you heard on the radio? Or perhaps you recognise a brand logo that you may not have ever bought, but you are somehow familiar with?

The reason for this is simple: They have a consistent brand identity which you have been exposed to – a lot.

In advertising, politics, and even dating, the key to being remembered is to have a cohesive and memorable message to put out there.

So how many times do your customers need to hear your message before they start taking action?

Most advertisers rely on “effective frequency” in order to create a message that their audience will hear, understand, remember, and act upon. For some better known brands, this may only mean being seen twice, whereas for smaller brands it may be anywhere from seven to fifteen times before the brand “clicks” with your audience.

Especially when the brand is new.

For example, they may see your branded vehicle, giving you one mental click. Then, they’ll see one of your signs saying the same thing – which is another mental click. If they get to your website and your colours, fonts, or message are different, then you go back a click or two.

Many smaller companies do a number of things. For instance, you may have a construction company that also does plumbing. Or a digital marketing company that is great in the SEO space. Whatever you do, you need to identify your brand – the main thing you want people to know about you – and make that your key message.

You can certainly add to it and create themes to vary your story and keep your audience interested. But they all need to hinge on a strong brand identity which tells your customers – consistently – who you are and why they should buy from you.

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