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5 Signage Statistics to Make You Think

Billboards, retail logos, information boards and flyers handed through your window: because they’re everywhere we tend not to notice them. Yet public signage remains an integral part of marketing and branding for businesses of all sizes.

Do the signage statistics back this up?

What the Signage Statistics Say

So much is done online now. We are, quite literally, bombarded with ads from all angles the second we open our laptops or unlock our phones.

But what about when we’re driving, or simply walking around in a shop?

  • Over half of all customers come into a business because of a sign. Further, about 35 percent of people wouldn’t even know who you are if it weren’t for your clearly displayed business sign. (Source)
  • Most customers live within a five-mile radius of your store or business. That means they drive or walk past your business almost daily. A menu in a shop window or a list of daily specials suddenly becomes an easy way to advertise your products to your local community. (Source)
  • 4 out of 5 brands see a 33 percent increase in sales through digital signage. A compelling image or a few well-chosen aspirational words at the right time may do more than a salesperson can. (Source)
  • 68 percent of U.S. shoppers have bought a product because the signage caught their interest. Outdoor signage can be any size, shape and colour that you want (within certain legal limits obviously) which means that you have an incredible array of choices to capture the attention of shoppers. (Source)
  • 74 percent of all purchase decisions are made instore. Signage efforts don’t stop once your customer is inside your store. In fact, with so many decisions being made on the fly, your signage becomes doubly important. (Source)

If these signage statistics are to be believed, businesses who don’t make use of these options are leaving money on the table.

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